Multimedia Semantic Sensor Network Ontology (MSSN-Onto)

Author: Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee1,2, Richard Chbeir1 and Yudith Cardinale3

University Pau & Pays Adour, LIUPPA1
2 Allee de Parc Montaury, ANGLET, France

Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University2
Songkla, Thailand

Dpto. de Computacion y T.I3
Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela

A multimedia sensor network is a sensor network incorporating at least one multimedia sensor. Detecting events (either simple or complex) in such networks is a bit tricky due to several challenges mainly related to multimedia data interpretation, semantic interoperability, event modeling and definition, etc.

In this work, we propose Multimedia Semantic Sensor Network ontology (MSSN-Onto). It allows to cover up multimedia data and related characteristics in terms of interoperability and to provide adapted network modeling. It extends existing standard ontologies and allows an easy mapping with application domain knowledge.

Latest version of our MSSN-Onto is 20170803 version.  Our framework is in the middle of development based on this version of MSSN-Onto.   Our ontology and the framework design has been validated through a proof of concept prototype.  Our prototype is developed based on a Smart Meeting Room scenario.   The live prototype demonstration is avaliable online on this website.